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According to a study done by the Pet Food Manufactures' Association, there were 8 million dogs owned in the United Kingdom in 2009, compared to approximately 7.2 million cats and 7.3 million dogs in the year 2008. It was also noted that families or individuals aged between 34 and 65 years old tend to own more dogs.

Nearly half of all British homes own a pet. Traditionally, dogs and cats have been the most popular pets, with their population remaining relatively stable over the past 8-10 years. In the year 2001, there were an estimated 13.6 million dogs and cats in Britain and in 2004, this population increased to 16.4 million (6.8 million dogs and 9.6 million cats). Owners of these two pets account for up to 70 percent of what is spent in the pet supplies markets.

Over the last 10 years, changes in lifestyle and the restructuring of households has altered the ratio of the population of cats and dogs, with the number of cats steadily growing to outnumber dogs. This is because since more and more people live alone and families spend less time at home due to urban living, cats are preferred as they are perceived to be independent and free living. Nonetheless, though the overall pet population has remained relatively stable, the pet markets have recorded increased sales due to the new consumer lifestyles.