Is the UK a Nation of Pet lovers?

For many years now, Brits have enjoyed the reputation of being a nation of pet lovers. At home and internationally, this praise has persisted albeit with controversy. Indeed, this perception has been questioned; and it is pivotal to interrogate why Brits are seen to love pets. There are numerous reasons that have informed this thought. First, Britain was the first country in the world to start a welfare charity for animals. This spirited concern to rescue and preserve the dignity of animals led to the formation of the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. This charity was pleased to attain a royal status thanks to her majesty Queen Victoria in 1840. The society rescues injured and sick animals in a bid to rehabilitate them; it is funded by people of goodwill.

The fact that more than half of Brits keep a minimum of one pet shows that they are pet lovers. To be more specific, British households in total host 6.6 millions dogs and 7.7 million cats. Goldfish are always on demand for pets because there are 18 million of them kept in homes. These statistics are a clear demonstration that Brits love pets. Another element that shows why they are considered animal lovers is their overwhelming response when animal stories are featured in the media. Most animal triumph stories have received tonnes of feedback and attention. But this is the rosy side; recent reports have a different story to tell.

What do the stats say about pet owners

Despite Britain being a nation of pet lovers, reports have confirmed that up to 10 million pets in the nation suffer from physical and mental stress. A large number of dogs are overweight and half of all cats are overweight as well. Pets are left for many hours at home alone and this has contributed to the problem. Dogs and cats should not be left alone for more than 4 hours. In light of this, animal cruelty in a nation of pet lovers is hard to ignore. However, the gloomy statistics have not washed away the flowery pet loving reputation of Brits completely.

Many people love to see pets and play with them in Britain. Consequently, many have gone ahead to get pets and they do not know the first thing about taking care of their furry friends. Ignorance and lack of education on how to look after pets have contributed to negligence of pets in Britain. In fact, some pet owners do not know how to feed their pets. A good example is the fact that a large number of pet rabbits kept by Brits do not get enough food. As if this is not enough, many pet owners do not take their pets to the vet because of the worry in regards to cost. Animals have needs and just like humans, they need proper care for a healthy happy life.

Brits are indeed a nation of pet lovers but, love comes with responsibility. Getting pets when you can fully take care of them is better; to steer clear of animal cruelty. Some Brits have opted to keep less demanding pets like cats or fish. To maintain a good name as pet lovers, Brits have to put their best foot forward to fully earn the trust and respect back. In the meantime, compassion and love for pets in Britain continues undeterred.