The UK's most Unusual Pets!

UK homes are alarmingly becoming a jungle! This is because of an influx of unusual pets which are mainly exotic. Interestingly, the demand for unusual pets is becoming insatiable by the day. This has fueled the trade of both legal and illegal wildlife. It is this fascination that has led to many pet lovers making 'weird' decisions for their choice of pets in the UK. The fact that over 300 hospitalisations of humans in the country are caused by these unusual pets has not discouraged this trend. More and more people are pushing the bar; the list of unusual pets being kept is hair-raising to say the least. The following breakdown will reveal some of the rare but popular pets kept by the Brits.

The sight of a giant spider can have any man screaming like a little girl. However, giant spiders like tarantulas have found favor with many households in the UK. These scary and fascinating creatures have been the source of comfort and joy for many pet owners. If spiders are not your thing, it is really hard to see the positive side to them. All in all, they are becoming the choice of many pet owners today. Maintaining these multi-legged creatures can be a cup of tea because they do not demand a lot. Once you provide them with a terrarium to hide under, they will be satisfied. Since they feed on insects, their food budget will not dent your pocket. Your can also say goodbye to your pest problems!

Another popular but unusual pet found in the UK is the giant African land snail. Believe it or not, some people will find comfort in a slippery, sluggish and moist creature in their home. The bigger the shell, the more snail enthusiasts will be pleased with their pet snail. Although it is illegal to have such animals as pets in many countries, the UK is a liberal land for snails. Owing to the tough weather conditions, the giant snails cannot breed in the wild. They eat a healthy diet of vegetables and supplementing calcium in their diet will keep them happy. If you enjoy handling them, moist hands are advised.

Another unusual pet that has a big name in the UK is a pygmy hedgehog. It is an adorable creature to say the least. The main difference with a normal hedgehog is that it can fit into your pocket hence the name pygmy. The unusual love for such creatures can grow with time and pet owners in the UK will not trade their exotic friends with anything. The little hedgehog only demands some good space for exercise so that it can stay in shape - pet owners can definitely emulate this! You can feed the little friend with cat food.

Sloths will also feature in the list of unusual pets in UK homes. These slow-moving but very intelligent creatures cost a fortune. They are also rare to find in the market and this weighs in on the cost as well. If you are looking for a long term companion, you will be delighted to know that they can live for thirty years. All in all, getting a pet of your choice gives you satisfaction. Make sure to observe safety measures as you handle exotic animals; you can never be too sure. Big cats and an assortment of reptiles have also been spotted in UK homes; so the list of unusual pets goes on and on.